Spring Buffet

Roasted beets with feta cheese
Rosemary and pepper marinated pork
Thyme and garlic marinated venison
Nysjöns hot smoked salmon
Cold poached salmon with hollandaise sauce
Two kinds of egg halves (red kaviar /shrimp and apple salsa)
Herb creme fraiche
Lemon and herb marinated chicken skewers with mango chutney sauce
Flat bread rolls with mayonnaise
Broccoli and leek pie with aged cheese
Cheese platter with marmalade, biscuits, bread and butter
Small dessert

Grill Buffet

Marinated Loin chops
Sweet chili marinated chicken fillets
Marinated venison (Fallow deer, elk, wild boar)
Spicy sausage
Nysjöns smoked salmon, quickly grilled with lemon pepper
Potato gratin or Baked potato wedges or Whole baked potato
Baked roots
Barbecue Butter
Homemade barbecue sauce
Cold sauce with horseradish
Small dessert

Crayfish Buffet

Freshly cooked crayfish
Shrimp roll
Jansson's Frestelse (Potatoe gratin with sardelle)
Nysjöns hot smoked salmon
Croustades with smoked game
Plate of meat served cold with small pickled cucumbers
Leek pie with aged cheese
Cold sauce with red kaviar and red onion
Cold sauce with horseradish and herbs
Mixed sallad plate
Cheese platter with marmalade, biscuits, bread and butter
Small dessert

Three Dishes


Parmesan Shell with shrimp and salmon

Roast pork tenderloin topped with blue cheese.

 Sauce with fresh mushrooms.

Served with potato gratin or roasted potatoes and root vegetables

Small fruit salad.



Three small potato fritters topped with shrimp, salmon and smoked game

Thyme and garlic marinated venison with smoked bacon, leeks and mushrooms.

Served with root gratin alt. roasted potatoes and root vegetables

Pineappel pie



Toast Skagen with crayfish

Roast entrecote with "hasselback" potatoes and pepper sauce

White chocolate mousse cake



Nysjöns game pâté on rye bread

Creamy salmon with mashed potatoes

Pannacotta with berry topping

Lunch & Snacks

Nysjöns smoked salmon with boiled potatoes and caviar sauce
Baked salmon with anchovy, cream and onion, served with boiled potatoes
Önhultskogens game stew, served with boiled potatoes and jelly
Game patties with onions
Spicy game meatloaf
Rosemary spiced loin
Roast Karre (pork) with caramelised apple wedges
Snacks in the sauna?
Sauna tray: Spicy beer sausages, olives, snacks, etc.


On our new patio deck with built-in grill / wok, close to the bar, there is food from our forests and lakes.
Including potatoes, vegetables, bread and butter.

Autumn Buffet

Thyme and garlic marinated venison
Hot wild boar meat rolls or elk or fallow deer
Flat bread rolls with crayfish salsa
Smoked venison with lingonberry chutney and small pickled cucumbers
Chanterelle pie with aged cheese or served with other mushrooms
Nysjöns freshly smoked salmon 
Smoked salmon roll with pepper root
Game Sausage
Cold herb sauce with honey
Lingonberry sour cream with chili
Root gratin alt Baked potato wedges with root vegetables
Mixed sallad
Cheese platter with marmalade, biscuits, bread and butter
Small dessert
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